Secret Garden

Secret Gardens is a project with sound artist and musician Roel Meelkop. The project started with moving images on which Roel anticipated with a composition. It took Roel more than a year to finish this ‘tour de force’ piece of one hour. After finishing the track I edited the video again by finetuning it. The cd has been published in november 2012 on OtO. But here you can watch the whole video. Take your time…


An audio-visual collaboration by Marco Douma (visuals), Roel Meelkop (sound) and Rutger Zuydervelt (sound). Pierdrie was originally presented as an installation with three monitors and four speakers, at Hommes gallery in Rotterdam. It was translated to a live performance at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012. And now you can bring Pierdrie to your home, ’cause we just released it as a DVD. Obviously, this version is adapted for one monitor, but if you have a surround sound system, the audio will be close to as it was in the installation. Of course there’s also the option to go for stereo sound.

The Pierdrie film deals with the Waalhaven harbour in Rotterdam. All video and audio material was captured at pier 3, which gives a fantastic view over the harbour. Despite the noisy, industrial surrounding, being on the pier can be an incredibly tranquil experience. Distant sounds are taken over the water, through the air, softening the clanging of heavy machinery to a immersive sound palette. The Pierdrie project is our attempt to translate our experience into an audio-visual work.

The DVD has the 18 minute Pierdrie film, set in a loop. It comes in a nice matte full colour digipack. To order, you can still buy it at the Machinefabriek Bandcamp page.

Atlantik Wall

Atlantik Wall is an audiovisual performance created with Roel Meelkop for Kunstplaats 2012 at Hoek van Holland. The two shows were performed with images and sound created and found in the area around the bunkers.

Images: Marco Douma

Sound: Roel Meelkop