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Marco Douma
Talingstraat 5
3082 MG Rotterdam



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Curriculum Vitae

Marco Douma
Born in Abcoude 1965, The Netherlands
Lives and works in Rotterdam

Exhibition / Screening / Performance (selection)

H(a)L, Hilton Art Lab – Closed Encounters, Rotterdam
GRAW, Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend
KunstFenster, Goethe Institut, Rotterdam
South Explorer, Inside Out, Stichting B.a.d, Rotterdam
Performance with Machinefabriek for SETFest, Iran

Stille Beelden at Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Den Bosch
Performance with Radboud Mens: Architectual Resonators for Koffie & Ambacht Goes To Church#6, Rotterdam. 23-03-2019
Performance with FEAN (Jan en Romke Kleefstra, Rutger Zuydervelt, Mariska Baars, Sylvain Chauveau): Festival Cultura Nova, Savelbergklooster Heerlen. 31-08-2019
Performance with Roel Meelkop: TENT20 event, TENT R’dam. 28-09-2019
CO/LAB 4, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles

B.a.d Lab: Test Results 2, Stichting B.a.d, Rotterdam
Ljerke, CD / DVD publication on Eilean Records
INDUOS festival, Rotterdam

Performance with Machinefabriek, VROOOM#55 Rotterdam. 20-12-2017
Muurv (Ljerke) at Taribush Kuna Film festival 2017, Dwingeloo
MDME#63, IFFR / De Aanschouw, Rotterdam

Performance with Ljerke, Schouwburg De Lawei, Drachten
Performance with Ljerke, West Wednesdays, Amsterdam, 9-11-2016
Performance with Ljerke, WORM, Rotterdam. 10-11-2016
Performance with Ljerke, Extrapool, Nijmegen. 11-112016
Performance with Ljerke, Le Guess Who, Utrecht, 12-11-2016
Performance with Ljerke, Noordelijk Filmfestival, Leeuwarden. 13-11-2016
Performance with Michel Banabila / Oene van Geel, Fluister, De Helling, Utrecht. 9-10-2016
Performance Deining with Machinefabriek / Anne Bakker ao. IFFR / WORM. Rotterdam
Deining, Studios Borgerstraat during ART Rotterdam
Slowly Evolving, B.a.d 3D Magazine Charlois Speciaal, Rotterdam

Performance with Michel Banabila / Radboud Mens, Bimhuis / STEIM. Amsterdam 24-06-2015
Pierdrie project with 6 performances at Waalse kerk. Rotterdam
Sneeuwstorm, South Explorer, Rotterdam

Performance with Michel Banabila / Radboud Mens, Autono Speakers, Dordrecht. 12-09-2014
MDME#59, Art Station North / Kunst Rotterdam Noord
Art The Hague, videoworks at Hommes Gallery

Performance with Michel Banabila / Radboud Mens, Perestroijka festival, Amsterdam, 22-11-2013
Performance with Michel Banabila / Radboud Mens, The New HFest, Terneuzen. 07-09-2013
Performance with Michel Banabila / Radboud Mens, WORM, 06-09-2013
Performance with Michel Banabila / Radboud Mens, CINéSTHESIA, OT301 / STEIM, Amsterdam 04-06-2013
Performance with
Piipstilling, Volkspaleis Den Haag 04-10-2013
Performance with Roel Meelkop, Studio Trenkel, Rotterdam. 01-06-2013
Performance Wieman plays Goem, Studio Trenkel, Rotterdam. 31-05-2013
‘Site Specific Squat’ – project van Heena Kim. Stichting B.a.d Rotterdam
‘Nothing can be seen that is neither illuminated nor colored’, Hommes Rotterdam
See Me Hear festival, Rotterdam 8 en 9 november 2013
Verborgen Tuinen. Expostitie met videowerk Secret Garden, Stichting NAC en ’t O-tje, Rotterdam
Ku(n)stplaats exhibition, audiovisual installation Kiel with Roel Meelkop in bunker in Vinetaduin. Hoek van Holland
Duo exhibition with Erwin Keustermans, Hommes Gallery, Rotterdam

Pierdrie live-performance voor Stad(t)räume, 9 november, Basel
Tentoonstelling Stad(t)räume, 9, 10 en 11 november, Basel
Live performance Atlantikwall met Roel Meelkop op 19 en 20 mei tijdens KUnSTPLAATS 2012, Hoek van Holland
Live performance met Celer en Machinefabriek op 15/03/2012, Studio Loos Den Haag
C|M|MD zes video’s bij de serie van drie 7 inches uitgegeven door Celer en Machinefabriek
Fleeting tentoonstelling , Hommes Rotterdam. Audiovisuele installatie van het project Pierdrie. Een samenwerking met geluidskunstenaars Roel Meelkop en Rutger Zuydervelt.
Pierdrie live-performance voor IFFR programma WORMyWOOD op 31 januari 2012 in WORM, Rotterdam.
Sectret Garden videowerk met geluidskunstenaar Roel Meelkop



Passages en Passant, curating exhibition series together with Kathrin Wolkowicz for Goethe Institut

Initiator, organizer of INDUOS. Charlois Speciaal Festival

2010 – 2015
Aether: Tones and Talks. Initiator, organizer and presenter of bi-monthly live talk shows with performances and conversations about electro acoustic music and sound art

1988 – present
Stichting B.a.d, artists’ initiative (since)
Initiating, facilitating and organizing projects, including B.a.d Events

2009 – present
Chairman of association B.a.d To The Future (BTTF) Providing suitable living, working and meeting space for culture makers.

2003 – 2013
Project leader B.a.d To The Future! Renovation, preservation and development of the studio complex at Talingstraat 5, Rotterdam


1999 – 2000
College of Multimedia, Amsterdam

1987 – 1992
Willem de Kooning Academy

1985 – 1986
Graphic Lyceum, Amsterdam

1982 – 1985
HAVO Augustinus College, Amsterdam