Challenged by this COVID 19 intelligent lockdown I bought a pile of drawing paper in march 2020 at the start of the self isolation era. Along with charcoal, siberian chalk, pastel chalk, color pencils and loads of erasers I started making drawings. As a starting point for ideas for new video’s as well as the opposite; using my video’s as a starting point to draw. Every lost moment on any day I used to draw. Instead of meeting people I met the white of paper.

With every drawing made another idea started to make a new one. And  this whole proces of drawing day after day is just a conversation of the mind to one another at another moment in which something happens that reflects on paper.

By clicking on the images you can see at the bottom left the number of the drawing and if that one is still available. And it you’re interested you can contact me by email.

Pricing for drawings 21 x 29,7 cm is €300,- (with maple wood frame).