On Wednesday 15 May, Off Screen and Studio Art Office will present a selection of short films and art videos at WORM. The films were made partly thanks to a financial boost through the Practical Contribution and Research & Development (R&D) schemes. The filmmakers will be interviewed in English by Luca Tichelman (Off Screen) and Petra Laaper (Studio Art Office).

The Spectacular: How small can the all-encompassing absence be?
Marco Douma & Roel Meelkop
2024, 10 minutes

Does mass fill the image in this film with meaning? Or is it a vacuum that obliterates the image and transforms the film? Rotterdam-based visual artist Marco Douma creates digitally processed images from charcoal drawings, creating what he calls an “indefinable space”. With slowed-down, abstract music by co-director Roel Meelkop, The Spectacular offers a reflection on the intersection of time and space.

About the others participating videoworks:

Riflesso sull’Arco
Olphaert den Otter
2024, work in progress, 10 min

Red Dust
Katja Verheul
2024, 17 minutes

A Cactus, A Ladder and a Boot
Salvador Miranda
2023, 10 minutes

Trees of Rotterdam
Alice Ladenburg & Ollie Palmer
2024, 12 min

Practical information
Date: Wednesday 15 May 2024
Time: 20:15 – 22:30
Location: WORM Rotterdam
Tickets: €7.50 or free with Cineville pass