During the Art Rotterdam Week we have been showing our audio visual installation at Studios Borgerstraat. The installation called ‘In Duration of Time’ was a 40 minute experience in the basement of Borgerstraat 24 from Friday 2 – Sunday 4 February 2024.

The project ‘In the duration of time’ is a collaboration between multimedia artist Marco Douma and sound artist Roel Meelkop which investigates the question: Can you visualise the experience of time?

The audio visual installation In Duration of Time shows a selection of works melted together into a breathtaking experience.

Here are some images of the installation. We are very happy with all the feedback from the people who experienced the installation. Who braved the cold under a horse blanket and endured the work from start to finish.

In Duration of Time reveals a fascination for exploring the indescribable and the ambiguous/dual, a space where certainty falls away and one can experience a moment of thoughtlessness. This concept of “indefinable space” is a recurring theme in our contemplative audiovisual works. We try to capture the sensation of slowing movements, rhythms and tones in nature and their immediate environment in image and sound, allowing one’s thoughts to stand still for a moment or even longer. This emphasis on slowing down time and space, and dissolving the boundaries between foreground and background, is reminiscent of the philosophical concept of’duration’ (la durée), coined in the late nineteenth century by the philosopher Henri Bergson.

Bergson contrasted time as a series of separate measurable moments with time as an indivisible whole. He called this concept duration, the incessant flow of life and consciousness. According to Bergson, duration cannot be measured or divided into separate parts,but only experienced. This notion of duration is reflected in our works, in which we aim to capture the slow, fluid movements of denature and create a prolonged moment of contemplation.