We are very happy that our video The Clearing is selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2024!

The video is part of the combined RTM programme The Beyond and will be shown with two other shorts. Unearth the esoteric, the mystical and the beyond as three films take you on a cosmic journey through time and space. 

The world premiere of The Clearing is set fot Friday 26 January 2024.

Screening dates and time:
Friday 26 January, 13:00 – Lantaren Venster 1
Friday 26 January, 18:45 – Lantaren Venster 3
Monday 20 January, 21:00 – Cinerama 3

Marco and Roel will be present at each screening for a Q&A session.


The IFFR writes the following about The Clearing:

Is the black mass at the heart of The Clearing gradually filling the frame of this enigmatic short film with meaning? Or is it a growing, but still empty void, clearing out the picture and rendering the film an all-encompassing nothingness? Turning charcoal drawings into digitally processed imagery, Rotterdam-based visual artist Marco Douma creates what he describes as an “indefinable space.” Assisted by co-director Roel Meelkop’s stretched-out abstract music, The Clearing becomes a haunting reflection on how space and time fold into each other.

– Hugo Emmerzael