Since the summer of 2022 I’m working on a new series of videoworks. The videoworks are based on drawings.
In the run-up to these works, I processed drawings and video recordings of landscapes together into new works. The next step in this development is that now only drawings are used. After the first edit the moving images are send to Roel Meelkop who creates the soundtrack. We then send things back and forth until we are satisfied with the result.

The videos we created have a lenght between the 10-20 minutes. Here are three one-minute teasers of three videoworks.


The Spectacular: How small can the all-encompassing absence be?

Length: 9:31 min

From now see for be misseen

Length: 11:01 min

Reality has only neatly transcribed what has been written long before

Length: 11:31 min