Since March 2020, the AppendiX Grafiek Foundation (in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Rotterdam) has been publishing its series Übergangsweise online.

Fifth Edition: Kathrin Wolkowicz and Marco Douma

In addition, AppendiX invites the two Rotterdam artists to furnish the Kunstfenster of the Goethe-Institut, Westersingel 9, during the summer months (13 July to 13 September).

Marco Douma (1965) makes contemplative video works on the border between abstraction and images from everyday reality. During the intelligent lockdown of COVID 19 he was challenged in a different way; in this age of self-insulation he started drawing with charcoal, Siberian chalk, pastels, colored pencils and lots of erasers. With every drawing made, a different idea started to make a new one. He approaches this day-to-day drawing process as a stream of thoughts from the mind that is in conversation with itself in which something happens that is reflected on paper.

Kathrin Wolkowics (1981) works with text and images in the field of performance, books, installations and video work. By means of interventions in the public space, she sensually stimulates the viewer with how words and images are read and experienced. Language is a guideline through her versatile work; as image, as sound and as physical sensation. In her carefully designed books she examines how a written word can become visual or sound like a voice.