VIRTUAL PLEASURES is a virtual sales exhibition
which will be opened on Sunday 5 April by Hugo Bongers with a lifestyle stream, after which the artworks can be seen online on

with work by Inge Aanstoot Conny Beneden, Nina Boas, Mia van der Burg, Marco Douma, Paco Dalmau Arrufat, Ivo van den Baar Driessens & Van den Baar, Bima Engels, Pim van Halem, Tilly Heyster, Ingrid van der Hoeven, Ralf Kokke , Erwin Keustermans, Robin Kolleman, Giuseppe Licari, Cora Moret, Hans Muller, Rolina Nell, Astrid de Pauw, Piet Rogie, Karin Trenkel, Elco Verschoof, Anton Vrede, Sander Zweerts de Jong and others.

Museums, theaters, cafes and restaurants, cinemas are closed. Many people work at home, many artists have lost their side jobs immediately. In this exhibition I made a selection of work from their workshops for you. Work that is immediately available, at a good price. You can buy the work online and it will be delivered by post. You can also make an appointment for a viewing and only then make final decisions. In both cases you pay directly with the artist, no commission is charged by us. Send an email to with your wishes, and we will take care of the rest.

In this era of self-isolation I started drawing again. Using charcoal, siberian chalk and eraser. And also colored pencils. Size of all drawings is 29,7 x 21 cm.


The first two drawings are part of the online exhibition.