People who stay in a hospital waiting room for an appointment while waiting for results or interviews with medical experts usually suffer from stress. I am convinced that a visit to a hospital can be less stressful for patients and visitors than is necessary. Targeted distractions can make people relax and give a visit to the hospital less psychological pressure.

With Stille Beelden (Silent Images), spectators are guided to a moment of contemplation. A moment to withdraw from the hectic daily reality and to get rid of trivial thoughts and worries. Stille Beelden (Silent Images) are videoworks that can be described as moving paintings in which images slowly transform. They are mainly images inspired by nature that carry a certain degree of abstraction.

The delay acts as a catalyst to get rid of your environment within a few seconds. Time and space dissolve. The goal is to bring the viewer into a state of ‘relaxed vigilance’. With this I give viewers the possibility to withdraw from the chaos they experience. The video works are a relief for people who are in a state of mental tension in a public space. The rhythm in the video works has a very low tempo and smooth transitions change the image. Images from nature change into abstract forms and then return to recognizable forms. In a gentle and modest way the work knows how to hold the attention and you are sucked into it as a spectator. The viewer can get away from her environment and experience a meditative moment.