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About this guy

Marco Douma is an multidisciplinair/multimediair contemporary artist in the digital field. After many wanderings through the creative landscape he now concentrates on (moving) image and sound. MDME (MarcoDoumaMovingExplorations) is a collection of extraordinary and extraordinarily moving explorations of the inner and outer landscapes of our minds and hearts and world. MDME is an ever-increasing project in which different interests and ideas find themselves a way to the surface on your screen.
Beside these explorations there's a section of work that doesn't want to be bounded to the limitations of a screen and all whims of website visitors. You can find them at projects.

Other interests and participations

Aether: Tones and Talks is an recurrent event about experimental/electronic music that explores the boundaries of it's musical universe. Aether is an event featuring the work and outlooks of artists and musicians. The format for the event is somewhere between a magazine and a radio show. Each event features performances as well as presentations by invited guests. An informal evening of tones and talks.

VideoTime is a monthly recurring event which explores the status and potential of the moving image. VideoTime is a series of evenings about Moving Images which are meant to provide an undemanding opportunity to present work. A possibility to share one's sources of inspiration and technical background.

Foundation B.a.d is an artistsí initiative based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The principle aim of Foundation B.a.d is to provide studios, guest studios and project spaces. This is done in an environment that encourages participation on a local and international level. As a foundation with more than 2 decades of experience, we are proud to have hosted guests from all over the world. B.a.d provides permanent studios for its members, as well as temporary guest studios for local and international artists.

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Sounds of interest:
Roel Meelkop:
Michel Banabila:
Radboud Mens:
Tim Hecker:

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Home Normal:
Dead Pilot Records:

Artist initiative foundation B.a.d:

His work is represented by Hommes Gallery:

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From Holland, in fact from Rotterdam.

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